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Table of Contents

Build a Full Website using WordPress

Duration: 1.5 MONTH

What you’ll learn

  • Create a new website for development in WordPress.
  • Edit webpage content, links, and images.
  • Add and organize widgets to a webpage.

By the end of this project, you will create a full web-site that is attractive and user friendly using a free content management system, WordPress. You will learn how to create a website utilizing themes and plug-ins using the web creation tool. You’ll have a virtual space to showcase your business with customers who want to stay connected.


Session 1: Introduction to the Web; Domains and Web Hosting

This session will go over how the Web works from choosing and purchasing domain names to servers and hosting.

Session 2: HTML5, CSS, PHP

In this session, we will look at how HTML5 and CSS work in tandem to define the structure and style of a Web page. We’ll also see how PHP is used to generate dynamic content.

Session 3: Managing Content with WordPress

In this session, we’ll discuss installing a content management system on your site to quickly build your site and focus on the essentials of a site’s content and design.

Session 4: Intro to Web Design

This session reflects on how design affects the interpretation of your website including Gestalt psychology and theories of visual perception. We’ll also look into utilizing the Web design toolbox.

Session 5: Content, Themes, and Customization

Themes define the overall structure, organization, and visual identity of your site. In this session we discuss how to choose the right theme for your site, and using HTML, CSS, and PHP to customize your theme.

Session 6: More On Design: Colour and Typography

In this sessions, we’ll look at the characteristics of text and fonts and their effects on Web design.

Session 7: WordPress Plugins, Analytics, and Security

This session goes over essential WordPress plugins for further customizing and improving your site and how to integrate social media into your site, along with applying analytics to understand how visitors use your site.

Session 8: Advanced HTML, CSS, and PHP Features

The final session will go over using advanced features of HTML, CSS, and PHP to give your site polish, style, and responsiveness.

Table of Contents

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