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Certificate Course in VBA with Macros

VBA Macros Course in Andheri West

Table of Contents

(Duration: 2 Months)

This VBA Macros Course will help you learn how to automate tasks in Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You will discover how to edit pre-recorded macros, write your own code, create custom functions and procedures, design forms and use add-ins effectively. Simplify your Excel work with the power of VBA Macros in Excel!

  • Absolute and relative recording
  • Macro storage locations
  • Running macros from toolbars, menus or worksheet buttons
  • Understanding modules
  • Window options – immediate
  • Editor formats
  • Editor Toolbar
  • Commenting code
  • Code editing including stepping.
  • What is an object?
  • The object hierarchy
  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Variable- types of variables, declarations and use of variable
  • Making
  • The IF control structures
  • Else If
  • Select Case
  • Creating User Defined Functions
  • Using VB Functions
  • Referencing Excel Worksheet Functions
  • Calling Functions from a procedure
  • Using Message Boxes and Input Boxes
  • Learning Auto Events
  • Do Until Loops
  • For …Next Loops
  • For Each…Next Loops
  • Designing Forms with VBA
  • Components of the User Form Object
  • Adding ActiveX Controls to a Form
  • Showing and hiding Forms
  • Designing Custom Dialog Boxes Using Forms
  • Using Error Handling Statements User Forms
  • Building Custom User Forms
  • Referencing Built-in User Forms
  • Creating an Addin
  • Installing an Adding

Table of Contents

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