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Certificate Course in Advanced Excel – CCAE

Table of Contents

(Advanced Excel Course Duration: 1.5 Months)

Excel skills are as important as the subject knowledge. Those who know Excel can find a better paying job. An Excel Expert collects, edits, analyses data, creates data bases and reports. The conclusions made by the data expert are helpful for organizations to forecast the business speculations.

The syllabus covers the following skills:  Apply custom formats and layouts, Create advanced formulas, Use of Scenario, Pivot tables and charts, Manage and share workbooks. Our Advanced Excel Course in Mumbai will help students to create MIS reports In Excel, designing and using templates, consolidating and managing data from multiple workbooks. This course leads to Microsoft Office Specialist Certification in Excel.

Advanced Excel Course Syllabus

1. Saving and File Management
2. Converting and Encrypting Files
3. File Properties and Digital Signatures
4. File Accessibility and Compatibility

1. Working with Named Ranges
2. Array Functions (SUMIF & AVERAGEIF)
3. Formula Auditing
4. Formulas with Absolute References
5. Text Functions
6. Financial Functions

1. Creating Excel Tables
2. Working with Records and Filters
3. Advanced Filters

1. Using Error Functions
2. Using Logical Functions
3. Using Array Formulas
4. Using Rounding Functions

1. Text to Columns
2. Flash Fill
3. Remove Duplicates
4. Data Validation
5. Consolidate
6. Sparkline

1. Outlining and Grouping Data
2. Using the Subtotals Tool

1. Exploring Scenarios
2. Goal Seek and Data Tables
3. Using Solver

  1. Getting Started with PivotTables
  2. Formatting a PivotTable
  3. Using the Classic PivotTable Layout
  4. Formatting a PivotChart
  5. Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables
  6. Showing Pivot Data as a Percentage
  7. Creating Custom Pivot Tables Styles
  8. Slicers

1. Excel and Hyperlinks
2. Using Custom AutoFill Lists
3. Sharing Workbooks

1. Using the VLOOKUP Function
2. Using the HLOOKUP Function

1. Editing Standard Formatting Rules
2. Using Formulas in Conditional Formatting

1. Using the Index Function
2. Using the Match Function Using
3. Index and Match Together
4. Using Index and Match with Array
5. Formula Using the Indirect Function

Table of Contents

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